Before you contact McGard Japan for inquiries, please check FAQ.

What country does McGard Japan offer Customer Service assistance to?

McGard Japan provides the best service and support to our customers in Japan, China, India, Korea, and Southeast Asia to include: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines/ Thailand etc. We also provide Customer Service to Australia/New Zealand.
McGard Headquarters, USA provides Customer Service and support to North and South America.
Germany office provides Customer Service and support to Europe, Africa, Russia and the Middle East.

What is the difference between the wheel lock and the key?

A wheel lock functions like a regular lug nut on your wheel but requires a special key tool for installation and removal.
A wheel lock key tool is used with your lug wrench and is needed to install and remove Wheel Locks.

How can I purchase a replacement key for my McGard Wheel Lock Set?

Please see procedure for “Spare key order”.

How can I purchase a replacement key if I do not have my ID Registration Card?

Please contact us by e-mail for further explanation of spare key code.

Can I order one a lock nut only?

McGard Japan started the service of a wheel lock nut as well as a key.
As replacement parts, a washer and a lug nut are also available for your need.
If you want to purchase our replacement parts, please contact us.

Can I purchase McGard products directly from the McGard Japan?

McGard products are currently only available through our Dealer and Distributor network. McGard does not sell directly to consumers other than replacement parts.

What is the warranty policy for McGard products?

Products purchased from McGard Japan designated territory will be covered under our replacement key service and warranty.
If you have purchased McGard products from McGard LLC Headquarters, USA or McGard Deutschland GmbH, please contact them for assistance.